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Razib Saha

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Feni, Bangladesh



I am a tireless seeker of knowledge, occasional purveyor of wisdom and also, coincidentally, a full-stack web developer with experience in UI/UX. My school of thought is reliant on schooling my thought thoroughly, regularly, keeping abreast of design the next thing, branding, advertising trends, and solutions. The world is changing so fast and to cope up with the pace of it there is no option without willingness to adopt the changes. Started my career as an UI/UX designer and designed small to large applications for clients all around the world starting from USA to Australia. When I design something beautiful, a thought always poke me what if I can also code it? So this was the beginning of it. Took some online courses, watched a lot of Youtube videos and took guidelines from Industry friends to learn web development. Self learning was always my forte as I can set my own pace. As I have designed user interfaces in softwares like Adobe XD, Figma or in Illustrator or Photoshop well before these prototype based software arrived, I am hopeful about my new journey about web development as well.
Services I do
Frontend Development

I can build a beautiful and scalable SPA using HTML, CSS, React.js, Next.js and Framer

Backend Development

Handle database, server, api using Express & Node Js

API Development

I can develop robust REST API using Node API

UI/UX designer

I have been into designing for last 10 years, I use Adobe XD, Figma and Framer

Graphic Design

I can design flyers to poster, business card to social media stuffs